Hydra Court

The 7 heads on the seal of the Hydra Court represent the 7 main cities that comprise the Court.

They are:


The largest of the island cities as well as the formal capital of the Hydra Court. All the other cities maintain embassies and government offices on the island. The land bound countries maintain embassies here as well (and occasionally on some of the other floating cities). During the catacylsim, it crashed into the sea upright. this allowed most of the original architecture to survive. However, the splashdown flooded the city, and apparently carried off most of the inhabitants. High water marks still mark some of the cities most ancient walls 20 or 30 feet above the streets.


Sancellian is the island-nation on which the initial discovery of the monastic techniques for bolstering and controlling the islands was made. The Sancellian Order was thus the first to gain preeminence, and seeded each of the other island monastic orders. As the founding members were themselves adventurers and delvers of the ancient ruins, the Sancellian Order was more worldly and practical than its later iterations, growing into a byzantine, hierarchial network rife with scheming, spies, and political pressure. It is widely rumored that the seniority-based advancement is often moved along by assasination. In any case, the island of Sancellian has no governance other than the Order, which dominates most aspects of life there.


Less lawful in nature, Bravios was distinguished from its brethren by having significant iron and steel resources, leading to the development of superior smithing techniques. Bravosii blades gathered some fame even on the mainland, and drew many swordmasters to settle upon the island. In some quarters, duelling in the streets became common, for honor, money, or simply survival. In recent years, the decadent nobility that ruled Bravios was toppled by an uprising of commonfolk, as lead by the rising middle class. As part of this revolt, the monestary of the Bravosii Order was also attacked, in order to secure control of the island. Currently they are occupied and ruled by the proletarian revolutionaries, with any surviving temple guards killed, exiled, or forced into hiding.


This floating city is actually one of two giant floating navy cities. After the initial founding of Castoria and several smaller islands, the sea faring cultures adopted to a life on the open seas. Outcasts, captain-adventurers, and pirates expelled from the main islands began to congrigate in fleet and Armada is the descendant of this rough band of diaspora. Ruled now by a odd honor code and unruly government, Armada is a wild and interesting place. The government is ruled by the Captain’s Council, which is comprised of elected members of each of the ships. As the ships vary in size from small sailing vessels to the largest captured floating islands, the council is den of squabbles, half community forum and half military war-council, that still apparently works

Teniuria, the city of Vaults

Built on what appears to be an ancient floating mountain(!) that has flipped over, Teniuria is the largest of all the fallen cities (by sheer volume). The citizens have mined deep into the mountain and have discovered troves of ancient treasures. The city occupies both the bottom of the mountain and several of the lowest (now highest) vaults.


Named after the ancient dragon turtle on which it resides, Bomodrial does not have a Mythallar. The monastic order instead worships Bomodrial the Sea Titan, the great dragon turtle on which they ride. They ply its favor with massive gold rings which they attach to its carpass. Bomodrial, in turn, protects the island with its command of forces of water elementals. It is not know whether the turtle even acknowledges the presence of the city on its back and this is a point of rigerous debate amongst the monks at the temples. The main supporting point is that Bomodrial migrates regularly with the floating cities. it is unknown whether its feeding on the fish that regularly eat the refuse of the city, enjoys the company, thinks these other cities are other dragon turtles, or for its own personal reason. Irregardless, the homes of Bomodrial are built to withstand submersion in the possibility of Bomodrial diving.

Hydra Court

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