Main Continent:

Brief History of Instruere and Andratan

It has been 350 years since the end of the Great Theurgic-Construct War (also known as the Generations War). The forces representing the philosophies of the Thaumatologists and the Natural Philosophers/Technomancers, both self adopted names, brought the world to the brink of ruin. In the east, the Technomancers rallied to the Iron Council, the Warforged Commune run from Andratan. In the west, the mage armies were led by the Eben Fa’al , the Deva Godking from Instruere. The armies fought a grueling 200 year War, mostly throught the vast wastes that are now dominate the central continent west of the Celadon Mountains. The war wrought destruction through the once fertile central plains turning them into an ash desert.
The war only came to an end when revolutionary groups of disillusioned peasants revolted in both Instruere and Andratan. In a brilliant proletariat coup, the peasants, aided by the metallic dragons, launched a two pronged attack on command bases containing the Godking and Mechano-minds (the combined and embodied consciousnesses of a large portion of the larger Iron Council). With the vast armies committed to the central deserts, these groups were able to capture and kill many of the central commanders, even able to kill the seemingly immortal Godking. Sorgin Fu’l , an ancient Golden Dragon, fought the Godking in fierce combat for the sake of peace, leading to both their deaths. Their deaths unleashed a massive blast of power that created the Dessica, a vast magical waste. With central command decimated, division after division (full of war-weary soldiers) defected to join the rebels. With the armies in tatters, the remaining nobles met with the rebel commanders.
The leaders could do little without the force of their armies and the peasants, long oppressed by both magic and technomancers, extracted heavy concessions in the Treaty of Dhauria. The treaty established borders for both Instruere and Andratan, leaving them mere city-states. It created a central council, composed of representatives from each known sentient race, which worked as a body to prevent war and oppression. It also put a severe limit on the creation of immortal beings, which had been seen to be a central problem in the established system of oppression of the proletariat. Those immortal beings that were alive were given pardon, but no new immortals could be created. This meant that new or highly damaged post-war Warforged had to submit to a planned upload to the Collection. The Godking reincarnation was prevented by preservation of some of cells in a living state, thus never letting him fully die. Revenants (both mechanical and magical) were strictly tracked and only created by one of a few government bodies. Immortals (from various vampyrs to powerful necromancers) who rebelled were forcibly contained and entombed in the Silent Quarter deep in the desert. In this vast desert tomb, the peasants used technology from both sides that had previously been used to drain or control each others forces, to dampen both technological and magical forces.

Both Instruere and Andratan have grown since the Generations War. Within both their borders there is an uneasy truce amongst those who wield magic and those who use the power of science to harness natural forces and physics. In Instruere’s streets, magic and science compete in an arms race in every facet of everyday life from the mundane to the murderous. This competition has benefits as well, fueling an unprecedented increase in technology. One of the pinnacles of achievement is the Pan-Continental Railway. Faster than the lumbering Zypherlins or Airbeasts, it connects Instruere and Andratan.

There are whispers of forces hidden forces amassing and plots brewing as the great Pan-Continental Railway has finally been completed. This railway will allow unprecedented access to the previously abandoned interior of the continent. Both cities seek to establish colonies in the interior and all rush to stake claim to this new land, bringing old tensions to ahead. Long forgotten technologies and magicks lay …asleep?… in the deep desert. Many factions rush to reclaim these lost treasures.
A new branch of the railway is cutting south into the subcontinent that has for living memory been protected by an impenetrable magic jungle. The powers of technomancy, magic, and progress however cannot be stopped and the railway plunges deeper into the jungle, soon to penetrate the distant sub-continent. However, the natives of these lands have other opinions about these ambitions towards empire…

Other Notable Histories

The Currents of Sea Politics: The Hydra Court and Obarasian Empire

One is a vast floating empire named the Hydra Court. Made of Seven floating cities, it rules the waves of the Ocean of Profundia. The Ocean of Obarasia, while joined to the Profundia as a massive world spanning ocean, is considered a seperate ocean politically as it is the acquatic empire of the sub-marine Obarasian people. The Hydra Court and The Obarasian Empire are constantly quarreling over their borders (and this conflict often occurs in three dimensions, as the Hydra Court and Obarasian empire often occupy different regions of the same water column). However they both stand to one point, they do not allow travel by land dwellers outside prescribed regions and definitely not to the subcontinent. Travel is only permitted in mostly the upper latitudes, so sea traffic between Instruere and Andratan does not usually enter tropical waters. This prevents these two regions from entering the unexplored subcontinent via marine routes.

Detailed history of the Hydra Court and Obarasian Empire


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