Armaments of Alborcaea


The arms and armors of Alboraea have steadily improved since the Generations War. Gone are the day of heavy bows and arrows. Through the magic and metallurgical arts, gunpowder weapons have replaced nearly all the conventional bows and arrows. These weapons are comparable to their ancient brethren but far more reliable and less prone to environmental hazards.

Professionals have equated the new arms with the previous weapons as follows:

  • Shortbows: Pistols
  • Crossbows: shotguns (the one handed variants are actually similar to dillinger pistols)
  • Longbows: Rifles

The Automatic Loading versions are also represented by weapons with “clips” which hold various amounts of ammunition that acn be quickly inserted into the weapon


Thaumatologist and Technomancers have both taken to using these weapons to emmit their power. These versions are very finely crafted version of the weapons. They use magical woods in the stocks and barrels, which render the weapons weaker and unique. Their parts are not interchangable with the no-magic/technomancy emmitting variants (though the magical phenomenon may be similiar), which are made stronger to contain chemical explosions. These mage-weapons do not use ammunition but rather emit the powers of the wizard in discrete Thaulmic packages. A unique ability is to gauge the spread of the dispersal of their magic release, allowing releases in amazing shapes and areas.

Weapon Construction:

Due to standardization of their manufacture, these weapons can be modified and improved without the cumbersome process of re-smelting or crafting the whole weapon. This allows a user to keep a core portion of the weapon while modifying select portions for added effect. However, improving the various component parts without the requisite experience does not improve the effect of the weapon. So both the experience and the upgrades are require. Thankfully, the experience necessary is easily acquired through their adventures. The relatively cheap price (compared to the overall cost of some weapons) means that adventurers routinely scale up their devastating abilities

Artifice Slots and enhancements

Weapons have special “Artifice Slots” which allow the attachment to magical or mechanical enhancements, giving unique qualities to the weapons. They can be swapped from weapon to weapon without much work.


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