A day at the Train depot

Session 1


Silent Quarter –
Prison ward (gulag)
Constructed to keep individuals imprisoned
Magical, mechanical, or natural immortals who break the the convention
Immortals are not illegal per see but heavily regulated
Zanne – outcast from monastery
Hydra Court, somewhat insular but also supports a wide trade network
May sound like a Russo-Italian Inigo Montoya
Simon – failed mage, who mercs
has apparently slept with Kara; results were… unpleasant
Kara – wealthy family of merchants,
upscale magical education, separated herself from family
Left school to pursue an adventuring life, and learn from adventures
Meddling relatives in every port

Self-sentient power armor suit
memory apparently wiped recently
Game World Info
It is Late Summer


Curtain open onto a theater within a theater with the theater of the mind (brain explosion)
Beautiful human in red dress singing to a presumably empty house – mournful song
An unseen figure, known to the woman, who smiles; figure approaches, they embrace and kiss
Lights fade-in and the woman appears dead on a bed; naked, sprawled in the sheets
A dauber-clad means encounters body and immediately runs from room; lights to black
Man is a sophisticated half-orc dressed in spats and top-hat, ceremonial drow knife

Day 1

Curtains re-open on brightly lit interior of a small regional train with characters present
Pulling into a massive, grand, station (grand central station; apparently we’re in NY, NY)
Both supplies and transport rail-hub; center of city and market place as well
Station has beautiful scaled, wrought-iron work marble floors

Trains are powered by different sources depending on location and type of train
Grand (imperial) Train -funded by magic and technology; one-of-a-kind
Steam, magic, analytical
Other trains are powered by single power source of above (basic mech or magic)
Our particular train is powered by a fire efreet – Sun’s Hand

Post office
Recruitment/Employment office
Bean dip for all employees, but not prospective employees, beans ain’t free
Older veteran of foreign wars and his wife, the secretary, man the counters
We have apparently signed our lives away for… food and lodging?
Merchant stalls – market ward down the stairs
Rug merchants – “City “Rugs” – pronounced “Shitty Lugs”
Four guys wearing black and silver stick out from crowd- lawful royal guard
16th Regiment of His Royal Highness the God-King
historic title and not exactly applicable anymore
magic-users paired with melee soldiers
both sets appear to be newer recruits
Halfling Quarter
notice a disturbance in the market – artifice creatures are brawling in streets
Two identical looking halfling (brothers?) though all halfling look alike to us
seem to be running a battle-bot competition in the market place
OR – arguing about whose machines are attacking the others, one or the other
Two of the 16th Regiment intercede into crowd, pulling them back, others get help
it seems a separate figure is controlling the disturbance – a ragged halfling
Simon chases off the character, who flees into the crowd
Kara directs the crowd away from the fight
Titan discovers the offending frequency and reset the automatons
Zanne keeps watch over the brothers and crowd against attack
Tavar warns the brothers against the disorderly conduct
Enda Yate – seems to be the Queen bitch of these guys

16th Regiment Approach
Captain Silvia “Salvia” Spiritweaver
Dwarven Sergeant “Bitchy Battleaxe Brawler” Stormbringer
Private “Ghostbuster” Venkman is apparently inept; potentially a pathological liar
Other Guards are similarly a massive disappointment to Captain Spiritweaver
Mario & Luigi (halfling shopkeepers) are in a bit of trouble
Another figure approaches – Colonel Strongbow
Goes by many last names; aka possible secret arch-villian
Military uniform – grey body with rainbow hued stripes – Rainbow Guard?
Colonel of an Army of the Council of the Races
Army tasked with controlling the peace between warring factions and races; essentially U.N. peacekeaper forces with robin-egg blue helmet
We are being offered a job; he awards us far more credit than we observe
An experienced, high-ranking soldier says sacrificing soldiers for a cause isn’t worthwhile; he’s either exceptionally tactically talented, lying, or stupid (note: he said Having soldiers enter a battle thinking they cant win, wins no battles)
The trainer/recruiter (from employment office) approaches – Pewtersmith
“What concerns does a Colonel of the Rainbow Guard have with Edna and Enda of the Lollipop Guild?” (the halfling pickpocket gang that is apparently very evil)
Mission: Discuss Matters with Enda and ensure that this doesn’t happen again
Search and Retrieve Edna the Halfling
Preferably alive, dead if necessary

Attempt to stealthily hide and observe the movements of the Lollipop Guild
Follow after an identified group of halflings
There seem to be hyper-intelligent rats in the alleyway fighting over scraps of garbage, one would think they would have learned to use restaurant roulette
Hyper-intelligent rat-sex; apparently using chatroulette instead
Lackeys hand a bundle of currency to the one-eyed woman who puts it in a chest.
We tried to talk, Simon got bored, charged in, combat ensues?
He choose… poorly; surprise round was lost > Simon might get owned
Combat against the Lollipop guild
Simon charges in but is rebuffed by many halfling daggers and slings
Hyper-intelligent rats are actually were-rats, we kill them anyway, filthy scum
More Halflings prowl from the building tops and scurry out from the warehouses
The group was restrained by a halfling that fell from the roof and farted a net
Titan used his predatory eye of killing; then we fucked shit up and won.



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